4 Fields Strategy

Jesus was and is THE master strategist. He did everything with a divine purpose and plan. The 4 fields strategy is the big picture strategy of what Jesus and his disciples did. It examines biblical patterns (or strategy) of how Jesus and his disciples go to reach the lost, how they share the gospel, how they nurture growth in believers, how they gather them into community, & how they train and develop leaders.

The Four Fields Strategy is based off of a biblical pattern of Jesus and his disciples where they would enter into new areas, share the gospel, nurture growth of new believers, and build community. It is also illustrated in one of Jesus' parables on the kingdom of God (Mark 4:26-29).


It examines the following questions and gives biblical tools for each area:

1. How did Jesus & his disciples reach the lost? (Go)

2. How did they share the good news? (Gospel)

3. How did those who believe begin to mature? (Grow)

4. How are believers formed into community? (Gather)

5. How are new leaders developed? (Guides)

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