SHARING THE GOSPEL                               
Field 2


How do Jesus & His Disciples Share the Gospel?

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Learn the Why, How, Who, & When of disciple-making.
  • Jesus' Story - The main message Jesus' disciples were sharing was forgiveness of sins and new life through Jesus' death & resurrection. Learn a simply way how to share Jesus' story.

  • Personal Testimony - After being healed, Jesus commands the demoniac to share his testimony with others (Mark 5). The Samaritan woman at the well shares her testimony and many people come to believe in Jesus through her word (John 4). Paul shares the gospel through his personal testimony 3 times (Acts 22, 24, 26). Learn how to share the gospel through your story.


  • Stories of Hope - Jesus often communicates the gospel through stories (parables) or demonstrates the gospel through powerful interactions with individuals. Learn 7 bible stories that are very effective in communicating the gospel with non-believers.

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