Evangelism training at your church

As a service to the Body of Christ, we provide free training to equip believers in how to share the gospel and make disciples. We offer a full one-day training or it can be done in segments, with follow-up coaching available and anything we can to extend ourselves to advance the mission of Jesus Christ in Corpus Christi.

Training is hands-on, teaching simple & biblical tools, and providing lots of time for practice to develop confidence and competence.  See topics here.

If you, your church, or ministry are interested in receiving training,

Contact Sean Raybuck at 4sm.sean@gmail.com or (512) 738-3200.

Testimonials... Acts 4:20"For we cannot but speak of what we have seen and heard.'

Aaron Conner, Pastor

Community of Faith

"The Evangelism Training has brought us incredible spiritual encouragement and renewal. God brought fruit during the training! We had a man surrender to the Lord while we practiced! Sean & Ron are a great team. Ron lit a fire on day one and Sean fanned the flame for the next few weeks. His delivery is so humble, relational & practical. I loved the opportunities to get up and do it. We didn’t just talk about evangelism, we practiced, and we did it! Many of our members have a new confidence in evangelism and some have had their passion for evangelism re-kindled."

Rod Appleby, Pastor

Destination Pointe Church

"We all have a story. God does amazing things in our lives. He brings people  into and out of our lives that impact us greatly and those people are all part of our story.  4 Seasons Ministry came into my life and into the lives of the people at Destination Pointe Church and shared with us the power of evangelism and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with others.  They helped equip all of us to follow the Great Commission in ways we never knew were possible.  I praise God for this ministry and I give Him thanks for helping us to share our stories boldly with world!"

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